Sebastian Sariñana

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Writer & Director.

Los Angeles - Mexico City.

Born in Los Angeles, Sebastian Sariñana was shipped to the chaotic Mexico City at the young age of zero years and six months. Sebastian graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a BA in Communication Sciences and a minor in Film. Eager to expand his knowledge, he went to the Vancouver Film School where he studied Film Production and Video Game Design. After his studies in Vancouver, Sebastian returned to Mexico City where he started directing big-budget commercials for the likes of Coca Cola, CEMEX and the Mexican Armed Navy. Sebastian started his production company in order to write, produce and direct his own projects. With it, he produced and directed multiple music videos for Warner Music, specifically for his sister, pop star Ximena Sariñana. Sebastian wrote, directed and produced the short film: Amor y Fe (Love and Faith) which was selected in multiple festivals around the world and garnered a nomination for Best Director in a Short Film at the Madrid International Film Festival. Recently, Sebastian co-created, co-produced and directed a web-series called Un Mal Date (A Bad Date) that was sold to the streaming service, Blim. He also directed twelve episodes of the half hour multi-camera comedy El Torito for Claro Video.  He moved back to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue an MFA degree in Screenwriting at the American Film Institute Conservatory. After graduating in 2018, he stayed in Los Angeles writing for the number one online show: “Confetti-Mexico” on Facebook Watch with more than 7 Million followers and 1 Million players daily.  Sariñana is represented by the United Talent Agency and continues to develop projects for both the American and Mexican markets, reflecting his unique style and voice. Sagittarius, likes long walks on the beach. He uses comedy and horror as a means of exploring dark corners and harsh truths of the human condition in the hopes of making the world a less lonely place. On a Saturday night, you can find him sitting alone through a 35mm screening of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.